Sound is vibration. Sound is movement. When speaking or singing every cell in your body is affected. That is partly why it is so important that we think and talk nicely about
ourselves.  Singing has always been an important part of everyday life. It has been used for purification, invocation, prayer, healing, settlement of disputes, play, celebration and joy, sorrow and anger. The voice is connected to the breath and life itself, and when the voice is set free, you can experience a happiness beyond the usual.  You can move and heal with your voice. Our voice is the key to our personality, our secrets and our joys and sorrows.

I was educated at the Rythmic conservatory in Copenhagen, majoring in voice and vocal coaching. I returned to the conservatory to get an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma as a choral director and today I teach vocal leadership in Denmark and abroad. I compose and arrange for choirs, and I’m passionate about writing music and singing. I sing on Bobby McFerrin‘s latest album VOCAbularies, and I’m often hired as a soloist or back up singer. Here you can see the Bobby Mcferrin video Say Ladeo where I sing the soprano.