Singing lessons

I offer singing lessons at all levels.  My main focus when I teach, is to get the body to cooperate with the head! It’s crucial to be very aware of how your body works, and losen up tensions,  if you want to be able to sing and express yourself freely.

My own teachers was Anne Rosing-Schow and Etta Cameron.  Anne taught me about the “singing body” and Etta taught me how to energize song lyrics and to believe in myself!  After the conservatory I studied at VoiceEmbodiment for 2 years. An education with great teachers and fellow students who have all taught me so much about myself, my voice, and life in general.

I love teaching, both private singing students and choirs, and I’m very holistic in my approach to stage pressence, group dynamics and the teqnique behind a strong, healthy voice.

You can book a lesson via or phone 2074 4770.

The price is 700 DKK for 60 minutes. If you pay in advance for 5 lessons you get a 10% discount.

foto(2)Teaching at Musikhögskolan in Piteå, Sweden.